Two years ago we raised this intersection with Vicroads and CoGG, to date little has been done apart from scaping and sweeping which has exposed the terrible condition of the road shoulder which is unridable on anything other than a Mountain Bike. Because of the poor condition of the shoulder riders are forced to move into the fast traffic lane under the brow of a hill on a curve which gives little time for fast traffic to react, and is further complicated by double white lines over this area.

If you have experienced a close call at this intersection please add your comment. If you would like to request Vicroads/CoGG to act and avoid a death or serious injury, go to “Snap Send Solve App” or use the city of Greater Geelong mobile website to submit road issues (visit or download the Andriod App or iPhone/iPad App.).

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2 Responses to “Two Years and the Batten Rd-Barwon Heads Rd intersection continues to risk cyclists lives”

  1. BrettC

    I rode through this intersection on Sunday. It is getting worse with many potholes.
    I will try to avoid riding through this intersection because it is so dangerous.
    A long term solution needs to be found. Even if the surface of the shoulder is fixed, it will soon have more potholes in it created by motor vehicles quickly accelerating from Batten Rd into Barwon Heads Road. Cars, etc, tend to accelerate quickly here, damaging the road so much, because of the poor sight lines due to the bend and crest on Barwon Heads Road.
    In addition, as more construction occurs in Armstrong Creek, additional motor vehicles will start using Batten Road, further damaging the intersection. I hope that as Armstrong Creek is developed, this intersection is removed or re-positioned in a safer place with better sight lines and a bitumen approach (instead of gravel).

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