This is what Bicycle Users Geelong submitted to the feedback on the truck trial ban in Geelong.
The Central Geelong truck trail has had a positive impact on Mercer and Malop St.
Anecdotally, Malop street in particular seems:
• less scary to ride on
• has less noise pollution
• reduced diesel fume pollution
• is safer (fewer heavy vehicles are mixing with busy pedestrian areas).

We at Bicycle Users Geelong are very happy about the truck ban. Some of our members have reported positively about the quieter and safer streets.

We feel it should be extended indefinitely and Council should really pressure VicRoads to reduce heavy vehicles on Ryrie st. It seems to be taking more trucks and is worse off for it.

More generally we’d expect that Council and CoGG staff are working really hard to prioritise active transport over vehicles (as specified in the last few City Plans, Central Geelong Actions Plan, Health and Wellbeing plan, and recent Central Geelong Parking and Access Strategy).

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