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The northern suburbs of Geelong are a contradiction… The area is blessed with plenty of space, wide roads and nature strips but seriously lack basic infrastructure like bike lanes, footpaths, treed areas and respectable park playgrounds…. Today I rode around the Geelong bay trail, past retiring industrial areas, near elite grammer schooled kids and back…

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The ‘State of Australian Cities 2013‘ is a federal Dept. of Infrastructure and Transport publication released on the 30 June. The report on Geelong has some notes on Geelong’s livability and active travel. The low-lights for Geelong are:  Less people riding (in 2011) than in 2006. Commuting by bicycle or walking in Geelong is below average for…

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A new transport Strategy for the Region is being formed… time for bike riders to share our views on public transport. Go to the website:, Fill in the survey or post in the forum. What if we had bike racks on buses, like in Canberra?  

The Victorian Department of Transport are looking to improve the carriage of bicycles on regional public transport. They have commissioned the Institute for Sensible Transport to carry out a technical evaluation of the current situation and suggestions for improvement. The deadline for survey responses is April 24th. The survey can be accessed at