With input from Bicycle Users Geelong, RoadSafe Barwon has promoted road cycling safety with an advertisement in the August 19th Geelong News. The advertisement is one of a series of road safety messages from RoadSafe Barwon. Road users are encouraged to drive and ride with safety, courtesy and within the law. A number of points are made to help improve understanding of road laws regarding cyclists.RoadSafe Barwon "Share the Road" advertisement

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  1. bergamot

    Firstly, I ride and I drive. I wait behind cyclists until safe to pass or overtake, give a wide berth, slow down etc. etc.
    Where I differ is I was brainwashed into riding single file while growing up in St Kilda, family without a car, dad a long distance rider. I still think two abreast is stupid and lacks common sense.

    Yesterday I was coming up behind a group of 6 to 8 riders on Barwon Heads Rd, they were in the bike lane/shoulder.
    (I walk and ride there weekly and it is just like a bike lane.)
    I was about to pass them, without needing to cross the double lines either, and if I did need to I could because no oncoming cars for a bit.
    I beeped my car horn when one rider suddenly and without warning pulled out and onto the main lane immediately in front of me, then a second rider joined him, so they were then three abreast while they rode past a couple of their pack. The reason I beeped was the rider didn’t give any indication he was pulling out and overtaking and veering right. I had to quickly brake. He put his finger up and yelled something. I opened my window and called out to the last rider ‘tell him i’ve been riding for 40 years. Other people ride too.” Then the overtaker yelled they can ride two abreast and I should read the road rules. etc etc.
    Any how, if he ever reads this, a tip from someone who has been riding forever – try wearing cotton and wool instead of ridiculous lycra and you’re aggro testosterone loaded attitude might mellow – you are making it unsafe for riders like me who are now copping abuse and road rage from car drivers who are pissed off with aggro lycra road ragers.
    Horseshoe Bend Rd has too many riders in packs instead of single/two abreast too. That’s another road I cop driver abuse on only in the last two years due to pack riders.

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