Bicycle Users Geelong are concerned that resident opposition may cause the council to decide to not implement the plan or to implement a new version that is less safe or of less benefit to cyclists.

A petition of 300 signatures from residents and users of Swanston St and surrounds that are against the current plan is to be presented to the City of Greater Geelong at the next council meeting. Resident opposition mostly relates to the possibility of greater motor vehicle congestion through the narrowing of lanes and minimal loss of parking spaces.

If the council considers there to be too much opposition to the plan they may change the plan so it is all shared or divided paths, decide to only complete part of the plan, or cancel the development.

Petition in favour of bike plan

Bicycle Users Geelong has started a petition in favour of the City of Greater Geelongs current plans for the Swanston St. bike link.

You can sign the petition here, but if you really want to help out the best thing you can do is send your thoughts to the City of Greater Geelong.

Update:  The petition has now been presented to the COGG council.

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