Any tourist who has hit the Bellarine Rail Trail after arriving via train to South Geelong station would have faced the challenge of getting to the trail.

The currently accepted way to access the trail is via Carr st which is a bit busy and takes riders across the train line twice – this way is not great.

We have a recommended route to the trail, but riders we’ve spoken to would love to see this more direct route put together.  The hassles of Carr st can be avoided with a bit of work on signage and a few path additions.

We have come up with a few graphics and map to illustrate what we’d like to see from track to trail. We think it would significantly enhance the experience and reputation of the rail trail.

Step 1. A roll through  the carpark

Step 2. Some tar along this gravel road would do nice;

Step 3. Access through a permanently closed gate:

Step 4. Onto the rail trail after one crossing of the road – EASY!


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  1. Brian Smith

    Hi as a cyclist and an organiser of a large web based group I agree on what has been said here, sometimes I must wait for people who have not done this ride before so they will not get lost even though it is just a few streets away, but I love this concept and it should be put to Vline and Geelong council straight away and fix it up so we can avoid dangerous roads both to cyclists and to avoid Drivers from frustration as well so it takes away conflict I strongly recommend this. Thanks.

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