Last financial year the 2012 BiXE (Bicycle Expenditure Index) survey, released by Bicycle Network compared council bike budgets –  here are the few that concerns us;

  • City of Greater Geelong committed $7.63 per resident on bike infrastructure.
  • City of Melbourne spent on average $50.07 per resident
  • Shire of Surf Coast –  $20.00 per resident
  • City of Wyndham –  $11.65 per resident.

The City of Greater Geelong achieved a pretty humble five-year BiXE average of $3.50 –  This is below the Regional Zone council five-year average for 2012, which is $5.95.

Why does this matter to you... The Geelong Mayor and Councillors are currently putting together the Annual budget.

Now is a good time to take five minutes to politely ask your Councillor to invest in safer bike infrastructure.

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