A recent post from the facebook page of local Geelong Councillor Eddy Kontelj about  improving the CBD and lack of bike transport around Geelong. Here it is:

“1. In order to encourage inner City shopping, reduce the parking burden and associated costs, and to promote healthy living, we need safe, practical and efficient transport alternatives to cars. Bikes are a tremendous mode of transport, however, unfortunately in Geelong our bike path network is not effective or appropriate for our needs.

As a priority we need all levels of Government to commit to investing in cycling infrastructure to develop a bike path link from the Northern Suburbs (including Lara) to the City of Geelong. This will also allow people to use their bikes to travel to work safely if they choose to. Further to this ‘Bike Safe’ initiative to deliver a Principle Bicycle Network across the region to prioritise improvements in design, linkages, maintenance and investment must be supported.”

While BUG people have passionately believed this for ever, it is pleasing when members of local Gov. recognize the benefits of riding and our bike path short comings.

An example of un-safe 'bike' lanes near Clonard High School - Church St, Herne Hill.

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