“Imagine if we could invent something that cut road and rail crowding, cut noise, cut pollution and illhealth – something that improved life for everyone, quite quickly, without the cost and disruption of new roads and railways. Well, we invented it 200 years ago: the bicycle.” The mayor of London introduces his vision for cycling.

The aim of the £900m plan, is to “broaden the capital’s cycling demographic – largely white men – to all groups and to give “normal people the confidence to get on their bikes”. The spend of £18 per person per year on cycling hopes to see cycling levels double by 2020.

A quote from the Guardian online about the plan: “Cycling will forever more be treated as an integral element of London’s transport planning, not an afterthought, a nuisance to be despatched with a few hundred metres of painted, meaningless, bike lane.”

The Mayors bold plans has been a big ( mostly positive) story in the UK. Read more about it in the guardian and gizmag.

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