Bicycle Users Geelong contacted candidates in the COGG Council elections and asked them “If you are elected, what is your vision for bicycles in the City of Greater Geelong?

The responses we received are listed below:

Candidate / Ward Response

Barbara Abley

Brownbill ward

Having personally worked on the COGG Cycling Strategy in my current portfolios of Infrastructure Parks and Gardens, and been part of a Council which strongly supports healthy physical activity, I voted in favour of the adoption of the Strategy.
Further, I have allocated money from my 2007/2008 Brownbill Ward budget to the remediation/ resurfacing of the track at West Oval, and through the global budget, to the maintenance of shared pathways, roadways, and tracks through such places as Eastern Park.
I own, and ride a bike.

Nick Montgomery

Brownbill ward

As a bike rider who rides to work everyday here is my to do list:

  • Implement a plan to bring Copenhagen ‘enclosed’ bike lanes to Geelong city roads as well as increase the size, width and interconnectivity of bike lanes across Geelong city.
  • Press for more congestion calming devices in Geelong that push cars away from suburban roads and onto major roads. Moreover, increase 40 km zones around Geelong streets.
  • Develop a plan for increasing the links between bike bush tracks in the Geelong region.
  • Launch a new bike safe campaign for the Geelong area with Cadel Evans as a spokesperson.
  • Launch a Geelong specific ‘bike safe’ website that provides information on safe/dangerous roads/hot-spots and allows push bikers to rapidly report incidents/complaints/info about bike lanes or dangerous roads to council.
  • Work with V-line to incorporate bike racks onto Geelong’s V-line trains.
  • Use the $850,000 event fund to attract more international biking events such as a mountain biking tournament in Eastern Park.
  • Promote cycling on the waterfront with more bike hire services and more bike lanes/tracks along the coastline.

Paul Sullivan

Brownbill ward

Summary of points Paul made in phone conversation:

  • Paul used to ride for recreation 2 or 3 times a week
  • Would like to see more people riding to work in Geelong as it would ease the traffic and parking problems
  • Thinks there should be publicly available secure bike storage in Geelong city for commuters
  • On-road infrastructure for bikes in Geelong is sufficient/ok
  • Believes driver education would lessen tension between cyclists and motorists.
  • Paul offered an upstairs room at his pub for BUG meetings free of charge

Bronwyn Jennings

Cowie ward

A city that encourages the use of bicycles in order to promote good health and environmentally friendly transport.
I believe that there needs to be a dramatic expansion of bicycle paths and networks in order to make choosing to ride (particularly to work) easier. This is crucial if we are going to encourage people to leave their cars at home and ride to work and for other purposes.
I believe a free bicycle system should operate in each council ward to make bicycles accessible to those who do not have them, similar to systems that currently operate in Europe.

Eddy Kontelj

Cowie ward

I have been cycling since my childhood, I have competed in many road races and Triathlons and have also set two Guinness World Records for Marathon Static Cycling, the most recent in 2007 after cycling continuously for 132hrs. I have a genuine interest in cycling, as does my family. If elected to represent the Cowie ward in the City of Greater Geelong, I will work to have council link as many bicycle paths in our region as practically possible in order to allow cyclists to ride safely to all areas of our Greater City. I will push to have bicycle lanes added on all major roads and highways. I will seek out cycling encouragement initiatives and rider accident prevention education programs for cyclists and vehicle uses. Importantly I will ensure that roads are maintained to a high standard to prevent accidents. In addition to the above mentioned I will act as a voice for the cycling community in order to present issues and concerns to local council and Government bodies.

David Saunderson

Cowie ward

Cycling and walking tracks are essential for the health of any community, in terms of exercise, public transport and a cleaner environment. I am committed to increasing major funding to upgrade the Tom McKean Linear Park and other bike paths in Cowie Ward. Tom McKean Linear Park stretches through the northern suburbs of Geelong on the old railway track. This is a great trail, but we need to improve the crossings over the major roads, to make it safe for cyclists and walkers to cross. I am committed to improving bike lanes around the city, to ensure a circuit for cyclists to travel around their area. I agree that new developments should have a bicycle lane component to their design and cycling groups are consulted on city roadwork developments.

Bruce Harwood

Kardinia ward

I am a member of the Geelong Cycling Club. I was part of the committee that drafted and later adopted the COGG Cycle Strategy. I have been cycling since I was 3 and continue to do so today. I enjoy both mountain bikes and road bikes. My basic vision is to encourage as many people as possible, as safely as possible and as enjoyable as possible to cycle anywhere, anytime with anyone.

Stretch Kontelj

Kildare ward

I have been a member of City of Greater Geelong Council now for a number of terms during which time COGG has introduced the Cycle Strategy for the Greater Geelong area. The aim was to make the City of Greater Geelong more cycle friendly by developing a strategic plan for the creation/improvement of cycle networks for recreational, competition and commuter cyclists. I certainly support the strategy and its implementation and in particular the need to provide bicycle parking and storage facilities, better sign and mark bicycle routes, maintain the bicycle path network, remove bicycle hazards, provide safer access to schools, integrate bicycles with other modes of transport, plan the provision of bicycle facilities in new development areas, co-ordinate bicycle related programs, monitor development and use of the bicycle network, promote special cycling events and continue publication of bicycle network maps.
I have and continue to support the construction of a network of bike paths which at times I have supported in the face of opposition. As you know I have held firm my support for bike paths in Ryrie and Aberdeen Street. We have built paths linking Geelong to Lara and beyond.
COGG via major events has pursued and successfully won bids for international and national triathlon and cycling events which provide the rationale to attract additional resources for cyclists in Geelong.
The world cycling championships which Geelong will host in 2010 will require upgrade of the road route for the event and will leave a legacy for Geelong cyclists. Personally I cycle every week for transport and fun. Your group can count on my continuing support and championing of the cause of cyclists

Cameron Granger

Windermere ward

As a candidate, I don’t have the benefit of a briefing by City officers on the Council’s policies with regard to cyclists.
I can, however, commit to facilitating discussions about the Geelong Bicycle Users’ concerns, and if elected I would be happy to meet with you to discuss any issues.
The Windermere Ward is home to an extensive network of riding paths, including at the You Yangs, and I look forward to pushing for projects that increase exercise, including cycling.
If elected, I would be happy to meet with you to discuss these issues further.
Thank you for taking the time to contact me.

Sue McLean

Windermere ward

I support the aims and objectives of Barwon Bicycles Users Group (BUG). As Secretary of Geelong Community for Good Life, I have lobbied Council to create a continuous bike link from the Bellarine Peninsula to the You Yangs. This formed part of our submission to the Greater Geelong’s Port Land Use Plan review. There is also a need to review and improve existing bicycle routes. I also support:

  • Better signage on all routes to improve safety (including new signage at the railway station identifying bike paths to Hovell’s Creek and the You Yangs,);
  • Introduction of bike cages/lockers at Lara Railway Station and bike racks at Lara Shopping Centre;
  • Introduction of new programs aimed at encouraging workers in local industry to cycle to work .
  • Bike education programs and other programs targeted at encouraging school children to ride to school (this has positive health and environmental outcomes).

Nathan Oaks

Windermere ward

I will continue the great start that outgoing councilor Tony Ansett has made in getting a comprehensive bike path network for Geelong. Specifically- I would have the Hovells Creek path extended through to the new estates in Lara and along the bay to Avalon beach. The bay trail to the city would connect through to the Rosewall estate, Rose Park, Armstrong creek, Cowies creek and the Ring Road path in the north and to the paths and trails in other wards. Using existing underpasses and building new ones where needed, I would also ensure that there are no need for cyclists to cross the busy Geelong-Melbourne rail line. As a part of my commitment to clean and green developments and council buildings I will advocate for a requirement for safe bicycle access and parking in new developments.

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