A compelling article from ‘the conversation’  addressing the many benefits of bike paths including the significant impact they can have on nearby property prices.

“The ongoing benefits of bike infrastructure were illustrated in a recent media report which showed that new Sydney cycleways have had a positive effect on property prices. This account indicated that having a bike path right outside your front door increases the value of your house. One owner in the area said that the combination of a garage at the rear and the bike path out the front had added a premium of $100,000 to his house.”

Read the article or take a look at the video about Sydney’s recently added cycle-ways.

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  1. BrettC

    Here is another article about the economic impact of bicycle lanes, in this case in NYC, which has in recent years been taking a bit of roadway from motor vehicles and giving it to bikes.
    I have also read about how car parking spaces in Portland OR are being converted to bicycle parking, and retailers are clamoring to get these conversions near their businesses because they value the bicycling customer who has more disposable income from not running a car (and this is in a country in which running a car is very cheap/subsidized).

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