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With input from Bicycle Users Geelong, RoadSafe Barwon has promoted road cycling safety with an advertisement in the August 19th Geelong News. The advertisement is one of a series of road safety messages from RoadSafe Barwon. Road users are encouraged to drive and ride with safety, courtesy and within the law. A number of points…

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The Bicycle Users Geelong 2009 AGM was held on July 13th. The following people were elected to committee positions: Allan M. – President John H. – Vice President Russell L. – Secretary Mark B. – Treasurer Peter J. – Committee member Brett C. – Committee member

BUG Incorporation

Bicycle Users Geelong is now incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981. Bicycle Users Geelong Inc. registration number is A0052643C.

Secure enclosures for cyclists to store their bikes within have been constructed at two Geelong railway stations. The bike cages at Geelong and South Geelong railway stations are two of 29 “Parkiteer” bike enclosures that have been installed at railway stations throughout Victoria. The Parkiteer enclosures hold up to 26 bikes. You need to be…

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Bicycle Users Geelong contacted candidates in the COGG Council elections and asked them “If you are elected, what is your vision for bicycles in the City of Greater Geelong?” The responses we received are listed below: Candidate / Ward Response Barbara Abley Brownbill ward Having personally worked on the COGG Cycling Strategy in my current…

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