Voting for the City of Greater Geelong council elections concludes this week, with the Mayoral position now directly elected.   Bicycle Network Victoria has sought responses from candidates from council electorates all over Victoria.  We present those responses provided by candidates for the COGG Council.BNV asked candidates to respond with their views on cycling, and presented 6 bicycle infrastructure priorities for them to comment on:

  • High Street – This is the obvious choice for residents to connect to the new Moorabool St bridge Bike Path heading to and from the Geelong CBD.
  • Waurn Ponds to Marshall waterpipe trail – Use the existing water pipe corridor to provide a direct, well connected transport and recreation route to link Marshall Station, Armstrong Creek growth corridor through to Waurn Ponds and Deakin University Campus.
  • Moorabool St Bridge to Barwon River trail – A link from the Moorabool St Bridge to the Barwon River Trail is needed to capitalise on these two cycling routes.
  • Ride2School – Continue to provide safe routes to schools foster healthy transport options for kids and reduce peak morning traffic congestion by up to 20%.
  • Outer urban planning for new developments – Planning cycling networks in new urban growth zone developments is key to providing healthy transport and recreation options for families and children.
  • Curb out parking in activity centres – Get behind vibrant shopping strips by supporting on street bike parking.

 Below are all the candidates for Mayor and each COGG ward, with the candidates response, if any. 

Ms BULL, Sue I am very committed to increasing safe bicycle travel from a sustainability point of view and as part of public health campaigns. If we are to develop a more sustainable society, less dependent on car travel and more focused on public transport, then I see bike riding as an important part of this process. I also believe that encouraging the use of bike travel for children and young people especially has the potential to address issues of obesity and healthy living. I fully endorse and if elected would fight for the proposals for Geelong that the Bicycle Network Victoria has put forward.
Mr WATT, Ron  
ROZPARA, Frank  
Ms ASHER, Stephanie  
Mr SMITH, John  
Mr FAGG, Keith  
Ms UZELAC, Bernadette  
Mr ROBIN, Graeme  
Austin Ward  
Ms SHEN, Sophia  
IRVINE, John Robert  
Mr BROWN, Gavin I ride to the train station and back every work day and use my bike for recreational use and on occasions to get around Geelong. Safety concerns are a big issue for cyclists and I wish to improve the safety of bike travel in Geelong, to keep people on their bikes and keep Geelong active. My three main priorities if elected will be: 1. More dedicated bicycle lanes to allow bicycle riders to cross the CBD district safely. Cyclists should be able to ride from the Barwon River Trail through the city to Eastern beach safely without having to share with cars – the compromised solution on Swanston St is very disappointing. I will look again into the feasibility of introducing Copenhagen style bike lanes, making sure that they are built with safety in mind and with extensive driver training to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. 2. Safety on the Bellarine rail trail – the rail trail is a wonderful recreational facility and tourist attraction for Queenscliff and the suburbs of Eastern Geelong, but there are too many dangerous crossings of roads. Improvements need to be made to make this rail trail safer. 3. More bike links between schools, train stations, shopping districts and recreational areas throughout Geelong. I endorse the projects identified by Bicycle Network Victoria, and will support any attempt to increase the bike track network throughout Geelong.
DOULL, John  
Mr KEECH, Cameron  
Beangala Ward  
Mr MISSIO, Carlo While supporting cycle culture and equitable use of roads, I stand for improved public safety for all road users and in particular pedestrians and cyclists. I beleive that a lack of options with regard to both public transport and bicycle connections is negatively impacting on both community health and the way motorists are using roads across the region. While the City of Greater Geelong (a sa region) has embraced cycling, we still lack significant infrastructure, bike trails and bicycle transport, such as bus bike racks and intermodal opportunities. Bike rental programs would also be worth exploring to promote tourism use and will also increase awreness of existing bicycle routes, for both commuters and for recreational use.
SMITH, Warren  
Mr FENDYK, John Peter  
Brownbill Ward  
Ms HEAGNEY, Michelle  
Mr KAKOUROS, Angelo  
Dr OTMAR, Renée On Council, I will campaign to create and improve bike routes to schools and train stations, across the municipality. My doorknocking over recent months reveals that traffic safety is a huge concern for residents, particularly those who wish to cycle to commute or for recreation. The Ride2School program is an excellent way to get people started in Geelong with a strong push for community involvement. The Waurn Ponds to Marshall Station Waterpipe Trail is another promising initiative.And the potential benefits cannot be overestimated, from incidental exercise as people commute between their homes and schools, work, train stations and shopping precincts, to reduction in congestion and burning of fossil fuels. People in our region also love to be outdoors, and cycling is hugely popular as recreation and sport. I support the development of a link from Moorabool St Bridge to the Barwon River Trail and from Moorabool St Belmont into the CBD, not only because it makes sense to capitalise on linking existing routes, but also for safety reasons and to increase opportunities for all members of the community to be active and enjoy the outdoors.
Ms COOK, Gail Over the last few years I have ridden my bike to work 1-2 times a week and have been on a couple of weekend rides (Bellarine rail trail & French Island) with friends. I would like to link up the bike paths within Geelong, for example Brougham St has a bike lane for one block, then no bike lane in the next block and then the bike lane reappears for the next block. This was obviously not well thought out and needs to be fixed. I like the idea of increasing bike parking around strips shops and would like to implement this on Pakington St Geelong West. I also want to link existing paths, including completing the loop path around the northern suburbs. See you at breakfast on Ride to Work Day!
Mr McDONALD, Greg  
Ms LEWIS, Margrette  
Buckley Ward  
Mrs POCOCK, Margaret  
Mr RICHARDS, Andy Over four years on Geelong council, I’ve been committed to better outcomes for cyclists. For example, council part funded the cycle path from Breamlea to Blackrock, along with Barwon Water. I am committed to completing the bicycle network from Blackrock to Barwon Heads. The level of road maintenance, and the lack of wide shoulders on some roads controlled by the state government need funding and I will contine to lobby for this funding. I am committed to better cycling outcomes across the Marshall/ Grovedale/ Waurn Ponds corridor and will work with the bicycle community to implement this. As council’s Transport portfolio holder, I am a strong supporter of Bike Safety.
OLIVER, Katharine  
Cheetham Ward  
Mrs BRACKLEY, Anne Elizabeth  
Corio Ward  
Ms PERRON, Sue Bike riding contributes to good health as well as being environmentally friendly, economical transportation. I believe the development of infrastructure for bike riding should be a council priority with an immediate focus on linking existing bike trails.
Ms FISHER, Kylie  
Coryule Ward  
ELLIS, Lindsay  
Mr KENNEDY, Dean  
Ms HAYES, Monica  
Ms BALDACCHINO, Judith Maria A few years ago the city council put in place a strategic plan which included a bike path between Portarlington and St Leonards through Indented Head. There is some bike path and I will commit to seeing these bits of path connected up, among other sustainable plans that have been made.
Cowie Ward  
Mr CAMPBELL, Dave I am a local secondary teacher and I commute to work by bike each day. I commute on roads and I enjoy riding on recreational trails with my family. I will advocate for the linking of off road trails (eg trail along Ring Rd, Bay Trail) and for effective commuter on road paths (which don’t condemn the cyclist to dodge parked cars) All new housing developments must have effective bike paths incorporated from the inception.
Ms NEIL, Heather-Lee  
Mr KONTELJ, Eddy  
Ms PUGLIA, Josie  
Mr AITKEN, Anthony  
Deakin Ward  
Mr NELSON, Ron  
Dr LINDSAY, Bruce I am committed to a substantial expansion in bike friendly infrastructure in urban and regional Geelong. I endorse the projects identified by Bicycle Network Victoria, and in addition I’ve previously campaigned on the need for a comprehensive integrated bike track network throughout Geelong, including on road segregation, overhaul of the regional bus system including capacity to carrying bikes, and measures to encourage kids to ride (and ride safely to and from school). We also need to be looking at planning measures that might encourage and/or require businesses (individual or collectively to encourage cycing, eg providing change facilities, other infrastructure).
Miss STEPHENSON, Emily  
Kardinia Ward  
Mr HARWOOD, Bruce As an avid bike rider I use our roads and bike paths daily. I have always given a strong commitment to cycling through the Geelong Region advocating for better roads , more bike lanes and routes. I have allocated significant funding to walk / bike paths around the Barwon River and parklands. I was on the Geelong Cycling Strategy Committee. Cycling as a means of transport, recreation and sport has to be further encouraged. I will continue this commitment if re-elected.
Mr BAULCH, Phil  
Ms WINSTON, Monica  
Kildare Ward  
Dr KONTELJ, Stretch  
Windermere Ward  
Miss HILL, Ashleigh  
Mr EYTON, Robert  
Mrs GRZYBEK, Kylie I support the need for bike lanes and bike parks around the Windermere Ward. I have great concern that children are not getting enough exercise and would support the ride2school programs in all schools around Geelong.
ANSETT, Tony I support the need for more bike use. I want to see pathways connected in and around the North of Geelong. Connect Corio with the bay. Lara with the You Yangs. Avalon with Lara under Hovells Creek Bridge. Little River with Lara and Lara with Anakie. Lovely Banks with Anakie and back towards the Moorabool River.
Miss TRIMBLE, Georgie  
Mr GRANGER, Cameron  



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