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The ‘State of Australian Cities 2013‘ is a federal Dept. of Infrastructure and Transport publication released on the 30 June. The report on Geelong has some notes on Geelong’s livability and active travel. The low-lights for Geelong are:  Less people riding (in 2011) than in 2006. Commuting by bicycle or walking in Geelong is below average for…

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Drafts of the City of Greater Geelong 2013-2014 budget and 2013-2017 City Plan are available for public comment. Do these documents include enough for bicycle users in the Geelong region? Have your say and send a response to the CoGG.  Hurry, written submissions must be received by Tuesday June 11th.

A new transport Strategy for the Region is being formed… time for bike riders to share our views on public transport. Go to the website:, Fill in the survey or post in the forum. What if we had bike racks on buses, like in Canberra?  

Geelong’s premier ‘separated’ bike lane on Swanston street has some safety shortcomings… One being the power pole that sits proudly in the middle of it. Attention: Pole has been removed! thanks City of Greater Geelong Glad to see the timber pole is protected with iron supports  –  we can assume it’s to stop riders from damaging it…

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Last financial year the 2012 BiXE (Bicycle Expenditure Index) survey, released by Bicycle Network compared council bike budgets –  here are the few that concerns us; City of Greater Geelong committed $7.63 per resident on bike infrastructure. City of Melbourne spent on average $50.07 per resident Shire of Surf Coast –  $20.00 per resident City of Wyndham –  $11.65 per…

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“Imagine if we could invent something that cut road and rail crowding, cut noise, cut pollution and illhealth – something that improved life for everyone, quite quickly, without the cost and disruption of new roads and railways. Well, we invented it 200 years ago: the bicycle.” The mayor of London introduces his vision for cycling.