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Super Sunday

Super Sunday is this Sunday November 10th.  What is Super Sunday?  It is the coordinated counting of recreational trail users at strategic locations.   Volunteers will be counting trail/path users between 9am and 1pm this Sunday, with Bicycle Network Victoria managing the event across many locations in 6 different states and territories.   In other words it…

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Ride 2 Work Day 2013

This Wednesday October 16th is Ride 2 Work Day.  Regulars bike commuters and many first time bike commuters will all be riding to work. Bicycle Network Victoria is coordinating the event, but many other organisations and businesses are supporting the day by organizing breakfasts for the participants. The City of Greater Geelong is organising an…

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“Imagine if we could invent something that cut road and rail crowding, cut noise, cut pollution and illhealth – something that improved life for everyone, quite quickly, without the cost and disruption of new roads and railways. Well, we invented it 200 years ago: the bicycle.” The mayor of London introduces his vision for cycling.