Safe riding in 'School Central' Geelong

School Central: Geelong's western suburban hub for education has eight schools within a few kilometres. Three wide streets in the area link thousands of students and need improvement to get kids back on bikes. Take a look at our plan.

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This area is blessed with wide streets, yet numbers of kids riding to school is at an all time low... We have a simple plan to improve the lives of kids and teens while easing traffic headaches for parents.

We're asking for safe bike lanes on Minerva road, Church street and Vines road - these streets are critical to children riding to school in the area. These streets are Principal Bicycle Network (PBN) as designated by Council and Vicroads.

Kickstart this change by signing our petition.

We'll take this petition to Geelong Council and Vicroads - they are both responsible for different parts of these streets.

The plan

We've got proposed street designs developed to hand to Council/Vicroads. With your support we can to get this prioritised. These street concepts (above and below) show you what better streets might look like.

A splash of paint, some low cost line marking, and a bit of effort from local decision makes will turn this area into a better place to live, learn and play.

Church street (No. 2) has great potential to move not only vehicles but also riders, skaters, roller bladers and pedestrians safely.
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Eight schools inside three kilometres. Three roads with space for better bike lanes. View the google map.
Vines Road, Hamlyn Heights.

What they said

Ms. Sarah Fish, Health and Physical Education Domain Leader, Clonard College
"Riding to school is a fabulous way to start the day. It makes you feel more alert, energetic and ready to tackle any challenges that come your way" - Ms. Sarah Fish, Health and Physical Education Domain Leader, Clonard College


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