Safer speed in your street

Locals across Australia are being asked to join Bicycle Network’s latest campaign ‘Low Speed Locals‘ to introduce lower speeds in neighbourhoods where bike riders, pedestrians and drivers share the roads.

Low Speed Locals is calling on Australian bike riders and other road users to write to their local Councillor to ask for slower speed limits, or, work on streets which would slow down traffic.

What good is lower speed limits?

Vehicles are killing,  maiming,  injuring, too many Geelong riders!

“Pedestrians and cyclists struck by a motor vehicle travelling at 50 km/h have about an 85% chance of being killed, while at 30 km/h this drops to 10% (WHO 2008).” Sourceheart foundation report.

Dropping speed limits just 10km/hr in busy areas like schools and shopping strips will reduce the risk of injury.

What you can do:

Bicycle Users Geelong have made an email template to help you make your roads safer –  follow the steps:

  1. Copy an paste the text below into a new email. To: (find out who is your councillor to refer to them by name)
  2. Replace the ‘XX’ with existing and desired speed limits of the street you want changed.
  3. Add the name and contact details, CC us at
  4. Customise the message  – make sure your message includes what matters to you!

Dear Councillor Name,

I am a {your suburb} resident.

I am concerned about the safety of {STREET NAME}, particularly the speed that vehicles travel… I feel safety would be improved and lives saved if the speed limit was reduced from {XX}km/hr to {XX}km/hr so locals can feel confident riding and walking.

Please consider my request and happy to discuss this further. I appreciate your time an support for safer roads.

Your name
Mobile number