Safer speed campaign

Locals across Australia are being asked to join Bicycle Network’s latest campaign to introduce lower speeds in neighbourhoods where bike riders, pedestrians and drivers share the roads.

Low Speed Locals is calling on Australian bike riders and other road users to write to their local council’s Chief Executive Officer and ask for slower speed limits, or, work on streets which would slow down traffic.

We have made a simple form to help you do this quick –  follow the step to email the City of Greater Geelong CEO.

    1. Fill in the form below, with your real details.
    2. Replace the ‘XX’ with existing and desired speed limits
    3. Add the name of the street you want changed.
    4. Customise our pre-filled message  – customising your message has more credibility so add or remove ANYTHING, make sure you include what matters to you.

*Important: Use suitable language.

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