Walking and cycling would be prioritised on a revitalised Malop St, the stretch of Mercer St traffic lights removed and Johnstone Park expanded to create a bold new entrance to the city, a major new project suggests” – Geelong Advertiser.

The long term future of riding in Central Geelong looks promising with many important local organisations behind a new vision for Geelong (Addy Article).

Two years ago we raised this intersection with Vicroads and CoGG, to date little has been done apart from scaping and sweeping which has exposed the terrible condition of the road shoulder which is unridable on anything other than a Mountain Bike. Because of the poor condition of the shoulder riders are forced to move into the fast traffic lane under the brow of a hill on a curve which gives little time for fast traffic to react, and is further complicated by double white lines over this area.

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Voting for the City of Greater Geelong council elections concludes this week, with the Mayoral position now directly elected.   Bicycle Network Victoria has sought responses from candidates from council electorates all over Victoria.  We present those responses provided by candidates for the COGG Council.

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Can you help??

Are you passionate about cycling?

Do you see problems with cycling infrastructure around Geelong or it’s environs?

Do you have ideas about how cycling infrastructure and safety can be improved for cyclists?

Would you like to be involved in helping cyclists?

If this is you then we need your help in BUG, please contact us and get involved.

If you don’t, who will?

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