Geelong’s premier ‘separated’ bike lane on Swanston street has some safety shortcomings… One being the power pole that sits proudly in the middle of it.

Attention: Pole has been removed! thanks City of Greater Geelong

Geelong bike lane fail

Glad to see the timber pole is protected with iron supports  –  we can assume it’s to stop riders from damaging it when that run into it…

Why is this a hazard;

  • It stands out like a sore thumb during the day, but it could be difficult to see through sun glare during a sunrise (The photo was taken facing north).
  • In the dim evening light a rider should not expect such obstacles.

The good news: 
The hazard is about 80m away from a hospital, so care is at hand for any injured riders.

Is this the worst our region has to offer for epic rider safety failures? If you’ve seen something that can beat this email us with pics and location.


Last financial year the 2012 BiXE (Bicycle Expenditure Index) survey, released by Bicycle Network compared council bike budgets –  here are the few that concerns us;

  • City of Greater Geelong committed $7.63 per resident on bike infrastructure.
  • City of Melbourne spent on average $50.07 per resident
  • Shire of Surf Coast –  $20.00 per resident
  • City of Wyndham –  $11.65 per resident.

Walking and cycling would be prioritised on a revitalised Malop St, the stretch of Mercer St traffic lights removed and Johnstone Park expanded to create a bold new entrance to the city, a major new project suggests” – Geelong Advertiser.

The long term future of riding in Central Geelong looks promising with many important local organisations behind a new vision for Geelong (Addy Article).