When travelling by bicycle from Barwon Heads to Geelong on the Barwon Heads Rd cyclists face a hazard when approaching Batten Rd as they are forced into fast moving traffic after topping the rise and on a bend. Please report this trouble spot in the “Report it” tag above if you also consider it to be a danger to cyclists so that action can be taken to remedy the situation.

Gravel from Batten road spills onto the bike lane. Even when the bike lane is swept the surface is too rough to ride on. The accompanying picture suggests the solution.


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6 Responses to “Need for Batten Rd – Barwon Heads Rd Improvements”

  1. Geoff Christmas

    This intersection is difficult for cyclists negotiate and dangerous as cyclists must move onto the road. COGG is always promoting itself and the cycle paths is the city though they fail to recognize this problem and keep there heads in the sand. It is time to act before there is a serious accident involving cyclists.

  2. Rosemary Hogan

    I regularly cycle along this section of the Barwon Heads road, primarily because I feel very unsafe on the alternative route of Mt Duneed Road (no shoulder).
    On the intersection of Batten Road/Barwon Heads Road, the combination of loose gravel, a poorly maintained shoulder and a sweeping bend make this an extremely dangerous section of road. On numerous occasions, particularly when car traffic is heavy, I alight from my bike in order to avoid being “pushed” out onto the road by an unrideable surface.
    Attention to this unsafe and dangerous intersection is absolutely warranted and substantially overdue.

  3. david rae

    The volume of traffic on the barwon heads road makes this part a hazard to cyclists and should be fixed as a priority.

  4. Josie Weedon

    As a representative of a large bike-riding group which from time to time needs to negotiate this intersection, we wish to have our voice heard on the urgent need for this intersection to be made safe. No cyclist wants to be suddenly forced into gravel, but to dismount or move into the traffic lane to avoid riding across the gravel intersection are both unsafe. To bitumen an area of Batten Road seems the most reasonable solution to a VERY DANGEROUS INTERSECTION.

  5. Maree B

    This intersection is extremely dangerous for cyclists due to the very poor road condition. Works urgently need to be done to reseal the damaged shoulder on Barwon Heads Road and extend the sealing into part of Bitten Road. I feel very unsafe when I approach this intersection.

  6. David

    when are they going to fix! This! its a disgrace!!! I’ve ridden this section of road many times with cars roaring up behind you its a very unsafe situation.
    does a cyclist have to be seriously seriously injured or worst killed before action is taken to make it safe this has to be nearly the worst bike shoulder in Geelong I pray that it’s fixed before something terrible happens.

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