A report by consultants (go to pg 154 of the PDF to see the actions) submitted to council to ‘fix’ parking in central Geelong has some very specific cycling related short term actions (3 out of 13 in fact)…

“Central Geelong is at something of a turning point. There will never be an easier time to make the following changes that are necessary to secure a more sustainable future:

• Reallocation of road space to create bus and bicycle lanes to give people real alternatives to travelling by car. Geelong has a good opportunity to create world class conditions for cyclists.

• Explore the potential for facilitating shop-top housing by way of provision of high quality bicycle facilities and encouraging the establishment of share car services.

• Review and update Council’s bicycle strategy in respect to a finer grain network within Central Geelong. Implement the findings as a matter of priority”

Mayor and Councillors adopted these actions at the last council meeting… So we can all confidently assume change is coming.

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