The northern suburbs of Geelong are a contradiction… The area is blessed with plenty of space, wide roads and nature strips but seriously lack basic infrastructure like bike lanes, footpaths, treed areas and respectable park playgrounds….

Today I rode around the Geelong bay trail, past retiring industrial areas, near elite grammer schooled kids and back through central Corio. I soon noticed that this area doesn’t look much like the rest of Geelong. While the houses are the same –  the footpaths, tennis courts, BMX tracks, roads, paths, parks and school yards are not … I was more than a little embarrassed that Corio kids have to run around in knee high grass in the school yard and use junk play equipment at local parks. On two occasions I saw mothers pushing prams and WALKING CHILDREN ON THE ROAD  simply because footpaths don’t exist.

The poor support for bike riders in Corio/Norlane is just a small part of major lack of support for everything else…  the situation is completely shameful in fact.


Cowies creek trail used as a dumping ground… this has been like this for weeks at the time of writing.


The bay trail looking a little dishevelled and un-loved.




Cowie creek trail, Thomson road Norlane. A well worn track in the grass but no asphalt.


There are glimmers of hope slowly appearing for bike riders of this area at least.

A new road crossing at Norlane. Riders no longer have to bunny hop the median strip.


The new beautiful shared lanes down Bacchus Marsh road. Many people using it while I road past.

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