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Do we need a few bike racks?

26/11/2013 in Updates


Dirty old Ryrie street…Four bike parked means four less cars fighting for car spots – but still no love for people not driving the automobile

2 responses to Do we need a few bike racks?

  1. David said on 18/01/2014

    It’s just too expensive to park in dirty old Ryrie st or Drab old Moorabool st I go to the shopping centre car parks they are clean and cheap parking ….

  2. ingrid said on 19/02/2014

    If anyone is talking to COGG, they need to know that the ‘designer’ bike racks are useless. – ie: the ‘hoop’, a half circle of tubular steel, like a sideways letter ‘C’ with each end of the letter embedded in the concrete. My bike always slips and falls.
    Just as unfunctional is the one designed like a spiral of tubular steel.
    The Pole Vault Rail is a good design as a cheap and easy retro fit ….

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