Car sick Ryrie street

A mock up of a design change to car sick Ryrie st. This street is Geelong’s favourite for travelling across town… It’s just a shame that it’s in the middle of town and once the historical main street. This relocation of space would re-invigorate this strip. It would also politely ask drivers to go elsewhere if they are just wanting to pass through.



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  1. laura millman

    Any improvement in Ryrie street would be great with all these dirty noisy dangerous massive trucks making this street look like a highway of trucks.

    There are more shops on Ryrie street and fantastic heritage homes and it was and always will be the most important street in central Geelong. Planners need to get the trucks off Ryrie Street and create Malop street environment. The heart of the city needs to be restored!

    Societies most vulnerable use this street a high school, hospital, essential services, shopping precinct and entertainment.

    Urgent action required we do not need any more deaths on Ryrie Street. Instead of submissions and statistics just get our politicians and planners lobby for funding for further infrastructure. It’s not rocket science!

    This death was predictable as there will be many more ……………..

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