Clarendon Street Bike lanes, East Melbourne

Clarendon Street Bike lanes, East Melbourne

The Fed Gov. knows bicycles can solve issues like parking, pollution of cities and obesity, but will it be business as usual…

“The federal government wants to increase the number of people who make short trips by foot or bicycle after a report card on the performance of Australia’s cities found rapid changes in the labour market would pose big challenges to transport infrastructure.

The economy benefits by more than $21 every time a person cycles 20 minutes to work and back and $8.50 each time a person walks 20 minutes to and from work, according to a policy statement released by Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Tuesday.

Mr Albanese said the construction of walking and riding paths was relatively cheap compared with other modes of transport. A bicycle path costs only about $1.5 million a kilometre to plan and build.

“We need to get more people choosing alternatives to the car”: Anthony Albanese. The government has agreed that, where practical, all future urban road projects must include a safe, separated cycle way.”

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3 Responses to “Bike riders save economy $21 on each commute”

  1. Frank

    unclear to me why a bicycle saves $21 yet walking saves only $8.50 – but hey I’m not a bicycle user – so do go on preaching to the choir – bicycles save the world – not quite …

  2. ingrid

    Maybe it’s something to do with distance covered in a certain amount of time?

  3. Tony G

    I am sure that’s the case… 20 mins of bike probably can cover over 4kms, or at least twice the distance walked in the same time…

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