The Geelong Council are planning at bike path along High street Belmont as part of a larger bicycle connections project that will link Waurn Ponds to Geelong.

There is a campaign by some people/traders who want to protect some car parking on High street at the expense of your safety. You have the opportunity to influence how Geelong’s biggest bicycle project goes by adding your view to the equation – this project needs the support of all riders!

Take this survey if you’d like bike paths on High street Belmont and value the wellbeing of people on two wheels.

There are four options for people to choose. Avoid option one as it is the status quo for riding while all other options provide safe, separated infrastructure for riders.

Take the survey

Our bicycle group are about safety for ALL bike riders –  young , old, fast, slow, experienced and newbies… We also advocate for the people who’d like to ride but are not for safety reasons.

Option 3:

A ”shared” bicycle lane…. We know cars don”t share well on such a busy street.

Get behind our biggest bicycle infrastructure project ever!

The Building Better Bike Project  project will create two large new major cycling routes .

    1. The southern link will connect Central Geelong with Waurn Ponds via Belmont.
    2. The western link will connect Central Geelong with Herne Hill, via Geelong West.

These projects will make it safer and easier for people to ride and help people get back on bikes.

Have a look at the plans and take the survey. Council need to know how important it will be to all riders!

We’ve made a tentative start into recording the people, places and moments of Cycling in Geelong with a Wikipedia page.

Take a look at Cycling in Geelong on Wikipedia. We’ve also created a page for the Ted Wilson trail.

It is only a start and they will need contributions from people like you to make them great resources. If you have anything to add (with references) you can email through to us to update but preferably you can update it yourself (as is nature of Wikipedia).

Happy reading.

Are Godzilla roads swallowing up cars and drivers by the dozen?!

It’s easy to blame a piece of asphalt for killing people… But it’s really about vehicles, speed and humans.

We applaud TAC, Vicroads and the Addy for this awareness campaign they are on.

We hope that those agencies can see the sense in taking cars off the roads (not adding more) as well as making existing ones safer – Vicroads spends about a billion dollars each year on new roads. This adds capacity to a handle more cars and make it easier to drive. These streets never make it easier to ride – every street is car priority.

Building roads for cars forces more people into cars that don’t want to or shouldn’t be driving.

Build the local bike infrastructure so people are not forced to drive for the 15% of trips that are 3km or less.

Here we often talk about all the aspects of riding around Geelong… But we rarely touch on climate change – this big fat hairy gorilla will be the biggest challenge we face as a residents of planet earth over the next 25yrs…

Of course everyone knows bike transport is zero emissions and encouraging it is worthwhile for about a million reasons and very positive for today’s society.

What is not considered is what governments will impose on people when they decide it’s time to take on the big hairy beast… Will it mean carbon taxes, big fat fuel taxes, emissions taxes, banning diesel cars, taxes on car purchases, car free days, tax exemptions for riders or complete car free cities… These issues are being considered now in cities across the world. We have to be part of it…

Geelong can be forward looking or reactive. We can be innovators or we can be content with business as usual. Is the rapid change of society going to be steady or will it feel like falling off a cliff.

Progressing more sustainable transport is one way of future proofing Geelong today for tomorrow’s world.

Playstreet in Geelong

Rankin st Herne Hill is a different type of street than Geelong is used to. It’s a street perfect for riding through, learning to ride, skating, scooting, dog walking or even playing cricket. It’s a that gives everyone a chance to enjoy. It’s not just for vehicles like all the others.

Why aren’t there more streets like this around? Would you like to see more like this?

Simple design, kerbless, just fits two cars at a crawl, the ends tell the drivers they are entering a zone where you’d expect to see kids playing so slow down.