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Car sick Ryrie street

05/01/2015 in Updates

A mock up of car sick Ryrie st. This street is geelomng favourit for traveeling across town… It’s just a shame that it’s in the middle of town and once the historical main street. This relocation of space would reinvigorate this strip. It would also politely ask drivers to go elsewhere if they are just wanting to pass through.



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Bike lane car parks

05/01/2015 in Updates

This is not how you park!

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Dangerous driving in Waurn Ponds

15/12/2014 in Updates

A bike commuter is cut-off, swerved at, then driven toward in Waurn Ponds Geelong.

The driver was reported to the police by an independent witness and the rider. No charges were laid by police.

Caution – contains offensive language (The rider tells the driver where to go).

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Ninjas spotted on the Bellarine Rail Trail

15/12/2014 in Updates

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Driver almost takes out a rider on Gheringhap st Geelong

09/12/2014 in News

A car takes out a bike rider on Gheringhap st Geelong in the morning.

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Sighted on the waterfront

07/12/2014 in Updates

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Wouldn’t it be nice

07/12/2014 in News

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The State Government makes some promises…

07/12/2014 in News

Labor is in power in Victoria which means Daniel Andrews will have to make good on his promise:

“Labor will establish a $100 million Safer Cyclists and Pedestrians Fund to invest in new, dedicated paths and routes across Victoria, keeping bikes and walkers away from traffic.

The fund will also focus on improving routes to train stations and the CBD, creating new routes in regional areas, filling the ‘missing links’ in the existing bicycle network, and pedestrian crossings, markings and signs.

Labor will also establish Active Transport Victoria, a new division within the Department of Transport. It will focus on increased participation and safety among cyclists and pedestrians across Melbourne and regional cities.

Active Transport Victoria will develop policies, suggest changes to roads and paths, and advise on the development of the cycling and walking network. It will receive $3.3 million in funding over three years.”

More from Daniel Andrews on cycling

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The Swanston st sign post moved

20/08/2014 in News


The infamous Swanston st sign post has been moved! 

Thanks to City of Greater Geelong for prompt action to move a newly placed parking sign out of the bike lane…

Read more on this saga.


Proposed council budget needs your feedback

03/06/2014 in News

The proposed Geelong Council budget is out… It’s not great reading for riders.

They has decided to NOT put any extra money in their budget to support the recently adopted Principle Bicycle Network (PBN) implementation. This is crucial to improve safety and to encourage more people to ride to work, school, uni, shops.  To fix the intersections, fix shared bike lanes, restore existing paths, build new ones…

You can help change this:
Ask them to reconsider funding PBN projects. Please take five minutes to send an email to:

Email subject :
Att: Manager Financial Services – Budget Submission (PBN).

In your own words (it can be as short or long as you want) say:

  • I’m a Geelong cyclist, I live in ‘suburb x’
  • We want PBN implemented and funding increased for cycling projects in this budget.
  • Hugs and kisses are optional…

Submissions close June 10.

The more people that can turn the screws on a council the better. Unfortunately we need to remind council that the enviroment, health, livability and safety of Geelong and residents should be top priority. Calling your local councillor and asking them to relocate funds would also help.

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How far has Geelong come for riding to work?

22/05/2014 in Updates

How has commuter riding changed in Geelong in ten years? We’ve found some stats. You be the judge.

2001 to 2011

Methods of travel to work for a decade. Src:

Method of travel to work


% share of all modes (2001)


% share of all modes (2011)


Change in mode share %















Car – as driver







In ten years, 63 more people riding to work but 13,072 more people driving.  As a percentage of all modes of transport used, riding a bike has actually gone backwards, whereas the single occupant motor vehicle has increased.

How has this happened when? Was it from a lack of understanding? We’ve done some digging around to find out what Council and its consultants have been saying about active transport for the last decade… Read the rest of this entry →

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Truck trial ban in Geelong

20/05/2014 in Updates

This is what Bicycle Users Geelong submitted to the feedback on the truck trial ban in Geelong.
The Central Geelong truck trail has had a positive impact on Mercer and Malop St.
Anecdotally, Malop street in particular seems:
• less scary to ride on
• has less noise pollution
• reduced diesel fume pollution
• is safer (fewer heavy vehicles are mixing with busy pedestrian areas).

We at Bicycle Users Geelong are very happy about the truck ban. Some of our members have reported positively about the quieter and safer streets.

We feel it should be extended indefinitely and Council should really pressure VicRoads to reduce heavy vehicles on Ryrie st. It seems to be taking more trucks and is worse off for it.

More generally we’d expect that Council and CoGG staff are working really hard to prioritise active transport over vehicles (as specified in the last few City Plans, Central Geelong Actions Plan, Health and Wellbeing plan, and recent Central Geelong Parking and Access Strategy).

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Geelong Council told to ‘fix’ parking by getting people on bikes!

10/04/2014 in News

A report by consultants (go to pg 154 of the PDF to see the actions) submitted to council to ‘fix’ parking in central Geelong has some very specific cycling related short term actions (3 out of 13 in fact)…

“Central Geelong is at something of a turning point. There will never be an easier time to make the following changes that are necessary to secure a more sustainable future:

• Reallocation of road space to create bus and bicycle lanes to give people real alternatives to travelling by car. Geelong has a good opportunity to create world class conditions for cyclists.

• Explore the potential for facilitating shop-top housing by way of provision of high quality bicycle facilities and encouraging the establishment of share car services.

• Review and update Council’s bicycle strategy in respect to a finer grain network within Central Geelong. Implement the findings as a matter of priority”

Mayor and Councillors adopted these actions at the last council meeting… So we can all confidently assume change is coming.

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Do you want lower speed limits in your neighbourhood?

10/04/2014 in Updates

Locals across Australia are being asked to join Bicycle Network’s latest campaign ‘Low Speed Locals‘ to introduce lower speeds in neighbourhoods where bike riders, pedestrians and drivers share the roads.

Low Speed Locals is calling on Australian bike riders and other road users to write to their local council’s Chief Executive Officer or Councillor and ask for slower speed limits, or, work on streets which would slow down traffic.

What good is lower speed limits?

Vehicles are killing,  maiming,  injuring, too many Geelong riders!

“Pedestrians and cyclists struck by a motor vehicle travelling at 50 km/h have about an 85% chance of being killed, while at 30 km/h this drops to 10% (WHO 2008).”

Source the heart foundation report.

Dropping speed limits just 10km/hr in busy areas like schools and shopping strips will reduce the risk of injury.

What you can do:

Bicycle Users Geelong have made an email template to help you make your roads safer –  follow the steps:

  1. Copy an paste the text below into a new email. To: (find out who is your councillor to refer to them by name)
  2. Replace the ‘XX’ with existing and desired speed limits of the street you want changed.
  3. Add the name and contact details,
  4. Customise the message  – make sure your message includes what matters to you!


Dear Councillor Name,

I am a {your suburb} resident.

I am concerned about the safety of {STREET NAME}, particularly the speed that vehicles travel… I feel safety would be improved and lives saved if the speed limit was reduced from {XX}km/hr to {XX}km/hr so locals can feel confident riding and walking.

Please consider my request and happy to discuss this further. I appreciate your time an support for safer roads.

Your name
Mobile number


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Bellarine rail trail petition

31/03/2014 in Updates

Bellarine rail trail chicanes

Sign our petition to get the Bellarine rail trail chicanes fixed… We’ll get it to Geelong Councillors.

We speak to many cyclist about need to remove the existing narrow and unsafe chicanes.  This would encourage more riders, allow cargo bikes, tandem bikes, and touring bike to get past them. Even parents pushing prams have difficulty. A new treatment like this bike safe photo is what we are advocating.

Read the background to the problematic Chicanes on the Bellarine Rail Trail.